Varian Wrynn, warrior, leader of the alliance, and king of Stormwind. The man’s not really seen in a good light by a lot of people who play the game World of Warcraft. You talk to most people and they’ll say he’s brash, immature, and pretty angry most of the time. Basically, they’ll say he’s a dick. He starts fights and hates everyone who isn’t on his side. So unfortunately, he is a dick, to an extent. But why?

What a lot of people either don’t know or don’t care about is his life. His life wasn’t easy, and it still isn’t easy. As a kid, he watched as orcs raided his kingdom, murdered his parents, and burnt everything to the ground. He had his entire life taken away from him before he was even in his pre-teens. If it weren’t for Anduin Lothar, Stormwind’s champion and his father’s personal friend, he would have died right there. But he was able to escape to another kingdom.

Varian_WeiAfter growing up and learning the ways of the warrior, he re-took his kingdom with the help of Lothar and King Terenas, but at the cost of Lothar’s life. Soon after, he married and had a son of his own, only to have his wife killed during a riot a few years later.

A few years later, Varian was captured on his way to visit another human leader. His captors performed an unholy ritual on a cliff top to kill Varian, but something went wrong. Instead, Varian split into two people. One Varian, who was kind and had the caring heart of a king and diplomat, but was feeble and afraid. And another Varian, who had the heart of a warrior, was calm and tactical in the heat of battle, but was angry and merciless.

You still with me? Good, because we’re almost finished.

The warrior Varian attempted to escape after the ritual was performed, but in the tiffindiesconfusion of it all, he fell off the cliff, into the sea, and nearly drowned. This experience led to him losing his memory. The diplomatic Varian, who slept during all of this, was saved by group of soldiers from Stormwind. Not knowing what had happened, both the soldiers and the feeble Varian himself believed everything was fine now.

The warrior Varian was found by a group of wandering orc slave-holders, who captured him and made him fight in a pit for their entertainment as a gladiator. There, he earned the name Lo’Gosh, or “Ghost Wolf.” While Lo’Gosh made a name for himself, Varian Wrynn struggled to keep Stormwind together while corrupt nobles tried to gain more power.

Eventually, Lo’Gosh regained his memory and made his way back to Stormwind. There, he Lo%27Gosh_Varianand Varian finally met and attempted to find a way to get them back to normal. With the help of a few friends, they partially succeeded with their goal. It was partial because while they fused bodies, Varian remains slightly bipolar, with both sides of him sometimes conflicting. He can go from zero to a hundred real quick.

That’s the general story of Varian Wrynn. I left out a lot of details since this was just a summary, but if you want to know more about his story, as well as what’s happening right now with him, go to the World of Warcraft wikia page.

I hope those of you who are new to him found his story interesting, while those who already familiar with Varian understand his actions a bit more now. The guy’s been through a lot, obviously. I personally think that he deserves more credit than what he has been given from the community. After all, its easy to see why he’s a bit angry all the time. Wouldn’t you be?