Fall 2014 photo.jpgNancy McCabe is the author of four full-length works of creative nonfiction, most recently From Little Houses to Little Women: Revisiting a Literary Childhood (Missouri 2014).  Her novel Following Disasters is due out in the fall of 2016 from Outpost 19, and her work has received a Pushcart Prize and six citations on Houghton-Mifflin Best American notable lists.  She writes a regular blog on travel, art, and literature for Ploughshares . You can find more links to her work at her website.  She directs the writing program at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford and teaches in the low-residency MFA program at Spalding University


Salynda (Lindy) Hogsett 10295700_816231578387775_6620073935308724330_nis a junior at Pitt-Bradford studying writing. She loves pine trees, snow, cats, hot drinks, and all things cozy. She is the editor-in-chief for the 2016 issue of the school’s literary magazine Baily’s Beads and is reporter for the school’s newspaper, The Source. In addition to serving as editor for Pitt-Bradford Bloggers, she posts weekly on her own blog, Books, Coffee, and Pizza.


Colin Almeida is a sophomore writing major at the University of PittsbIMG_2487 (1) (2)urgh at Bradford. He is originally from North Wales, PA, and is currently in the process of writing a fantasy novel.



IMG_5454Leia Boeke is an interdisciplinary arts major at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. Leia hails from the Garden State and is hoping to transfer to a Northeastern art school this coming fall, applications pending. While her first passion is and always will be art, writing has become a large and compelling hobby, which she hopes she can pursue in her career. She enjoys literature, movies, and television as much as art and can be usually found elbow deep in paint while watching one of her many television show obsessions in her dorm. When not masquerading as a college student, she is a cynical fangirl and liberal atheist who tries to keep her sarcasm to a minimum.


PoloAlec Brewer is a sophomore at Pitt-Bradford, originally from Somerset, Pennsylvania and majoring in history-political science. He has an interest in foreign languages and has already written one book. He plans to later pursue a master’s degree in history and write books for a living.


Elizabeth Burkholder’s primary identities include Child of God, fan, 100_2805writer, liberal, artist, raging gender-equalist, and pro-equality in general.  Stories and fandoms are her life, and she is highly interested in almost every sort of art and craft that goes into film-making, for which she entirely blame the extended Lord of the Rings documentaries. She is still in university, studying creative writing. Her long-term life-goal is to found a new fandom.


unnamed (2)Sam Cole is a senior Sports Medicine major planning on graduating in the Spring. He plans on graduating, moving back home, and finding a job where he can accumulate hands-on clinical experience with patients, hopefully in a hospital setting. With this clinical experience he would like to apply to a Physician Assistant program somewhere around his home near Philadelphia. Some of his personal hobbies and interests are playing piano, reading fiction and fantasy, and of course, playing PC-games and watching Netflix. He has two older brothers, J.R., and Ben and a half-sister, Sarah, who just had a daughter, Ellia, who he adores. His exposure to creative nonfiction is pretty limited, and he is excited to see how much his writing has improved by the end of the semester.


Emma Devore is a freshman nursing Devorestudent at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford. She is a creative nonfiction writer, as well as a poet, part-time model, and singer. Emma is from Hershey, Pennsylvania and hopes to pursue a career as a certified registered nurse anesthetist in her future. As a writer, she believes writing about the self is the perfect way to come to terms with rough experiences, while being able to reminisce and appreciate the good ones.

Tyler Elias is a writing major originally from Wilkes-Barre, PA. He 3ba1bdbcf957e061f2c0edb0c967211aspends much of his free time reading and playing video games, while also working on several pieces of his own original fiction and having an unnatural obsession with the horror genre.


photo (4)Michael Ernst is a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford.  He is majoring in social studies education and works as a cook at the Two Mile Inn,  a local restaurant in his hometown of Port Allegany, PA.  His hobbies include cooking and anything to do with Football, especially the Miami Dolphins.


Brianna Henry is a writing major at Pitt-Bradford. She imagehas been in love with writing since she was 6 years old and has always dreamed of making it into a career. She is always looking for ways to express herself and writing is by far her favorite.






Danielle Mackey is 27C8F4C1-095B-4E3F-B242-F00B44A1B8C1BCB7696B-B221-4CB9-A2F9-7236B669CE16a nursing major. She has a black and tan coonhound named Oakley and a yellow Labrador retriever named Maverick. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family. She always prefers summer over winter because she hates being cold. Her hobbies include working out with her best friend  shopping. She graduated from Bradford Area High School in 2015.


Brady Major is an interdisciplinary arts majMajor_ProfilePicor hailing from Port Allegany, PA. Art was a first love, and as he matured, writing became another creative outlet.  In the future, he hopes to pursue projects that use both. When he isn’t creating art or writing stories, he finds himself engrossed in cinema, music, literature and video games. Brady’s blog aspires to be a “how-to” guide for writing mystery stories and will use his own personal experience and the experience of others. He is currently writing one and is excited to share what he has learned from the process with those who may want to pursue their own projects in the genre.

Captain Richard Marcott
isRichard a story teller, and his twenty-eight years of active duty in the Coast Guard have given him a lot of fodder. He started writing at the request of his daughter to record his stories, and he hopes to publish them soon as a memoir, A View from the Rigging. Four chapters have been published in the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford’s literary journal, Baily’s Beads. His blog posts share excerpts of many of his “good stories, well told.”


Megan Whisennand is FullSizeRenderan IA Major at the University of Pittsburg at Bradford. Her blog, “Redesigning Mythology”, will follow her process of researching various mythical creatures and redesigning them for her original alternative history/fantasy novel.